Frequently asked questions

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How do I display my brand on a received message?
You can add your brand or business name to your message content or the FROM field when sending a message. The FROM field must be between 3-11 alphanumeric characters of your choice. All messages must clearly state your brand either in the FROM field or the message content.
How do I manually unsubscribe a contact?
Browse or search for the contact you wish to remove within contacts and check the box next to their record. At the bottom of the table, you can select UNSUBSCRIBE. This method can be used to unsubscribe multiple contacts in one go.
How do I know when messages have been read?
Read receipts for SMS are set by the individuals handset and therefore the networks can't provide a report on which messages have been read. However, we know that 98% of SMS that are delivered are read, so we know that if your message has been delivered, it's almost certain it's been read.
How long does it take a text message to get to the recipient?
It can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes for a text message to get to a recipient unless the phone is off or out of range. The majority of messages are instant, but in some rare cases, sending can take a little longer.